Counselling offers you a safe space to talk in confidence about yourself, your life and anything you find distressing or confusing.

It allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen empathically and non-judgementally and to help you improve things.​

​For more information about how counselling can benefit you visit the BACP website.​


As its name suggests, person-centred counselling places the client at the centre of the therapy. 

It is not about the counsellor being an expert on the client. Instead the counsellor is trained to create the conditions necessary for the client to be able to express themselves fully in their relationship with their therapist. 

Such open explorations enable the client to test their assumptions about themselves and others, thereby developing their self confidence and a belief in their own ability to make changes. 

This process can continue after counselling has finished since it encourages developmental change rather than a quick fix.